From the idea to series product


·      System-analysis, specification

·      Conception, project management

·      Design (development, simulation, layout)

·      Production-management (production partner)

·      Prototypes and series delivery, series test

·      Qualification, application support

Integrated circuits (ICs) and sensors


·  IC- and sensor solutions

·  IC- and sensor development

·  Production service for ICs and sensors

·  Sample service for ICs and Sensoren

·  Delivery of the tested series products

·  Design- and application support

Customer specific ICs (ASICs)

Customer spezific circuits protect the own know how. So micro-part offers the possibility to mark mip-ASSPs with customer spezific stamps, to connect selected mip-S100 modules to customer spezific circuits or to develop additional functions resp. complete new circuits and produce them on array base.

p-ASSP as customer specific ASIC:
customer specific package stamp  

mip-S100 modules to customer ASIC:
customer specific bonding  
mip-S100 example for module selection ASIC
Current output
Voltage output

ASIC by analog Array mip-100:
customer specific metal  
mip-100 pre-produced wafer ASIC